Fermilab Computing Sector

Computing Sector Quality Assurance Resources

CS Quality Assurance Representative (QAR)
: Tony Metz (630) 840-3476 WH5W, metz@fnal.gov

CS Suspect/Counterfeit Items (S/CI) Coordinator: Alan Prosser (630) 840-6599 FCC3 aprosser@fnal.gov

CS Records Management Coordinator: Bernadette Tabor (630) 840-5172 FCC1 btabor@fnal.gov

FAQ about CS Integrated Quality Assurance:

         You are responsible for the quality of the work you do. You may contact the QAR (Tony) if you have any questions or for clarifications.

         How do you ensure that the work you do achieves the expected results? Look for requirements associated with the final work product you produce and make sure that you are achieving the expected results.

         Do you know the practices and written procedures that apply to the work you do? You probably know it. However, if unsure, please ask your line manager.

         The level of controls applied to your work is determined by Fermilabís Graded Approach principle. Do you know what the term Graded Approach means? Ask your line manager. You may also consult Fermilabís Graded Approach procedure given below.

         Trained and qualified employees are essential to every team doing quality work. It is the responsibility of the line managers to assure that their team members are fully trained. Fermilab line managers use the ITNA process to identify the training requirements (not just ESH training) and TRAIN system is used to schedule and document training completions.

Fermilab QA Documents

         Integrated Quality Assurance Program (IQA)

         Graded Approach Procedure to IQA Implementation

         Fermilab Integrated Contractor Assurance Program (FICAP)

         Quality Assurance for Scientific Research

         Suspect/Counterfeit Item Program

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