Fermilab Computing Sector

CMS Computing Facilities Department

Mission Statement:

  • Build, evolve, and innovate to provide scientific computing facilities and the storage and wide area networking systems they depend on in a manner that is highly CMS focused, yet coordinated in approach, with common interfaces to grid, networking, storage.
  • Make sure the USCMS Tier 1 at Fermilab is 2nd to none in the international arena.
  • Support and participate in the Open Science Grid, and especially the experiments at Fermilab.

  • Who We Are:

    CMS Computing Facilities Department
    Lisa Giacchetti(Head)
    Gerard Bernabeu (Deputy Head)
    CMS Infrastructure Services CMS Grid Services CMS Data and Debugging Services
    David Fagan (Leader) (Burt Holzman) (Leader)
    Rich Thompson Krista Larson Merina Albert
    Timothy Skirvin Rob Snihur (V) Chih-Hao Huang
    Anthony Tiradani Natalia Ratnikova
    John Weigand

    What We Do:

    The CMS Computing Facilities Department at FNAL provides systems analysis and support for the following systems:
      USCMS T1 dCache Storage
      CMS Data Transfer and Management
      LPC Interactive and Batch Compute Facility

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